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BEACH sessions

Houston Summer Sessions 2024

To guarantee you will receive the same high-quality and uniquely-styled images that you see around this website, I offer a very limited number of sessions during the hot & humid Texas summer season. To ensure you will get your desire dates, I encourage you to contact me for a reservation as soon as possible.

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Celebrate the seasons change

Sunflower Sessions

We are so lucky to heave sunflowers blooming TWICE a year in Texas! We have the most perfect sunflower field in Alvin (Frobergs Farm), so let's take advantage of it!

There is always something beautiful happening out there - let's get together and capture those moments!


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tailored just for you

styled Sessions

Want to photograph your baby's first Halloween costume, or maybe them wearing different animal bonnets? Absolutely ANYTHING you have in mind - let's bring it to life! 
If you are looking for something different and unique, but you are still not sure what you want - get in touch and we will definitely find something together.


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every month of every year brings a new reason to celebrate. specially when you have kids!

rainy day sessions

Every season of the year has his own beauty and they deserve to be photographed. Texas' summer is brutal but I always come up with ideas to photograph your family while having a BLAST!
So I can guarantee your comfort while still make sure to capture your kids' growth and milestones!


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There aren't many things in life as meaningful as the 18 summers you'll spend with your kids.

beach sessions

Beach sessions are perfect for family, milestones, babies or older kids!
I want to photograph everything that is important to you and your family. Let's chat and put together a plan to eternize these moments.


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100% customizable 

Themed Sessions

Want to photograph your baby's first Halloween costume, or maybe them wearing different animal bonnets? Have you ever thought about having he or she styled as your favorite rockstar, or the main character of your favorite movie ... Absolutely ANYTHING you have in mind - let's bring it to life! 
If you are looking for something different and unique, but you are still not sure what you want - get in touch and we will definitely find something together.


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Your houston Summer Photography

Celebrating the beauty of your family and the personalities of your kids is my mission, which drove me to refine my skills and my approach in photography. My purpose as a photographer was found in the desire to capture and share the unspoken tales of your family for generations to come - an authentic visual legacy of your story.



I want to hear all about your family!  Who lives in your household, when you are due, who will be photographed? And what kind of session are you looking for - In-home lifestyle newborn, milestones, birthday? All of the above? I want to understand exactly what you envision for these pictures, and based on that, suggest the best plan to make sure every step of your family's journey is properly documented and your photographs are beautifully displayed in your home.

1. Say Hello

2. schedule it!

After our initial contact and taking into consideration what type of session(s) you are looking for and how do you want to display your photographs in your home, now it's time to discuss our options for  timeframes and locations. 

When you are ready to book, I will send over a contract and an invoice for your retainer. After completing these two steps, you are officially booked and your spot is saved in my calendar!  

I can't wait to meet you and your family!

As a new parent, you are likely experiencing a whirlwind of emotions and that is exactly why in-home lifestyle sessions are PERFECT for newborns. They offer a more relaxed and intimate approach, allowing for a more natural and authentic representation of your family and your baby's first days. They are also very convenient, as it can be hard to leave the house for long periods of time with a newborn. During consultation we will talk about your home, lighting, outfits and colors for the baby and the entire family, as well as location and props for the sitters and other non-newborn sessions.

3. planning

Session day is finally here and your experience during our time together is very important to me.

The beauty of the in-home lifestyle approach, is to photograph the baby in his/her natural surroundings, using the nursery, crib and other real elements of your home, as well as some other props if requested. Also, for safety and sanitary purposes, the baby would be primarily being held by you and your loved ones. 

I will make sure your session will be as relaxed as possible. We can take as many breaks for nursing and changing as the baby requests. Usually, sessions take between 1-2 hours and I'll work as quickly as possible to ensure you receive a beautiful gallery of images to choose from. 

4. Let's make magic!

Because of my fine art editing style - where every detail in the image is cautiously retouched, almost like a digital painting - you will first receive a proofs gallery, so you can choose your favorite poses. After that, I will artistically hand edit your chosen images to my best ability, creating true art you will cherish for a lifetime!

Three weeks after your session, I will send you a new gallery with stunning photos of your baby. From this gallery you will customize your photo heirlooms - I will guide you through this final & most exciting step, when you will select your digital image package, prints, and products.

There is no limit to customizing artwork for your beautiful home!
I will be there to help you every step of the way.

5. your photographs

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 • most collections include heirloom artwork •

average client investment is $1500

As an award-winning and internationally published photographer, I specialize in creating genuine connections with your kids and delivering heartfelt edits. I'm committed to give my very best and produce exquisite quality and consistency in each gallery.

The details
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First, let me tell you what YOU GET when you book a session with me. 

Danielle is an amazing photographer! Her wonderful pictures reflect her unique capability of making you feel comfortable and natural so she can capture real moments that never feel staged. I love her creativity and fun nature during her sessions. She was fantastic with my daughter. Really bringing out her true and gentile spirit in her photographs.

Houston, TX

Callie A.

Danielle is an amazing photographer and person. As you can imagine, photographing a child can be be a difficult task, however Danielle made it an easy task to complete. Throughout our session, Danielle effortlessly adapted to my son’s personality and interests. I appreciate that she takes the time to learn about her subject’s interests and incorporates them into her photography. I’ll forever be thankful for the beautiful moments she has captured through her photography.

danbury, TX

amber m.

Danielle is phenomenal! Would highly recommend her to family, friends and business associates. I can’t say enough about how professional Danielle is and the quality of work that she delivers. I was so pleased with all our sessions and final images that I will continue to use her in the future. 

Pearland, TX

Marie S.

Danielle has captured so many of our family’s milestones and moments. She is amazing to work with and makes it an easy and fun experience. She is great at making your own vision come to life, while also surprising you with unique ideas you wouldn’t think of. She takes the time to truly get to know your family and capture your personalities in the photos.

Lake Jackson, TX

tara d.

We LOVE our photographer. Over the years she has definitely become more than just the lady that takes our pictures. Thank you so much Danielle for being so great! I love the Mother’s Day pictures and I’m so happy we did wildflower pics too.

clute, TX

patricia h.

Danielle is so great to work with and her photos never disappoint. She has an eye for capturing the best scene and getting the most realistic photos. Even her posed photos capture the emotions of the moment. She then brings everything together and to life with her editing! I look forward to my next session each time!

sugar land, TX

Aly S.

Danielle is amazing she is so kind to my kids and they feel comfortable around her. She does a great job not only at the sessions but with the pictures! I recommend Danielle 100%!

Lake Jackson, TX

Maribel L.

I highly recommend Danielle Dott Photography. I love all our photos. She is so sweet with my kids and makes the picture taking easy and enjoyable! I know I will treasure the photos she has taken forever.

Lake Jackson, TX

gail g.

She is incredibly sweet and very patient with the little one. Not to mention, her work is BEAUTIFUL!

angleton, TX

Kayla K.

I say let the pictures speak for themselves! But truly Danielle is amazing!!! I hate pictures of myself but before we allowed time to get away from us I wanted to take some shots of myself and my husband together. Danielle did a beautiful job. Made us feel both comfortable. We had a lot of fun. And she got the pictures to us within the same month of us having the shoot. They are beautiful and I will always be so happy for her work!

angleton, TX

Katherine & logan

SEND it over

I want to offer an enjoyable experience and to showcase a GORGEOUS part of your life's legacy.  I promise to be by your side every step of the way. Let's chat!

To Hear from you!

• Most collections include heirloom artwork. Average client investment is $1500 •