7 Amazing Houston Birth Center Options for Your Delivery!

First day in the life of a new mom and her newborn baby in the best Houston birth center.

While home births have risen in popularity, for many, there are barriers that keep it from being a possibility. Not only are some homes just not conducive for the experience, but a lot of families simply don’t want to deal with all the prep. Birth centers are a happy medium. They provide a home-like environment so you can have the natural birth that’s right for you. If you’ve been considering using a Houston birth center for your delivery, I’d love to tell you about some of your options! 

7 Most Loved Options For Your Houston Delivery

North Houston Birth Center

North Houston Birth Center is a comfortable space with large beds and birth tubs for your delivery. The center is staffed by certified midwife Kathleen Vande Giessen as well as five doulas. They take pride in breaking down barriers in the birth world and providing inclusive care. You’ll visit the center for all your prenatal appointments, where you can ask questions and make sure you feel prepared for your delivery. The center also offers childbirth classes. 

Heart Of Houston Birth & Wellness Center

Heart of Houston Birth & Wellness Center offers two spacious suites complete with soaking tubs. They provide a family area and kitchen so you can have a hearty meal following delivery. The center has several midwives who will meet with you throughout your pregnancy. When the nurse midwives are not attending deliveries at the birth center, they deliver out of Texas Children’s Hospitals Pavilion for Women, giving you seamless help should you need to be transferred. On top of their prenatal care, they offer fertility care and well-woman visits. 

Mom admiring her newborn baby in one of the birth centers in Houston, Texas.

Bay Area Community Birth Center

Bay Area Community Birth Center is a charming Houston house that provides comprehensive prenatal care as well as labor services. The center is Black-owned and strives to empower women in their birth experience. They provide large beds and birth pools with disposable liners for your delivery. The team at Midwife in the Heights performs deliveries out of the center, giving you additional choices for your prenatal appointments. 

Katy Birth Center

Katy Birth Center has spent over two decades providing Houston families with exceptional prenatal care. Since opening in 2003, the center has seen over 2,000 healthy births. The team is made up of six full-time midwives and two part-time midwives. While you’ll have a primary midwife, the entire center works together to make sure you’re never without individualized care. The center has birthing tubs, large beds, birthing equipment, and a kitchen for meal prep. 

Cy-Fair Birth Center

Cy-Fair Birth Center was started by midwife Patricia Ghaly to give parents the birth experience they want. Patricia combines modern medicine with traditional practices to provide you with extraordinary personalized care. The center offers comfortable beds as well as tubs for water births. They have frequent classes to make sure you feel fully prepared for delivery. 

Gorgeous mom and her newborn baby in one of the best birth centers in Houston.

Schedule Your Houston Maternity & Newborn Photos

If you want a home birth outside of your actual house, check out a Houston birth center. With cozy environments and passionate midwives, you’ll have the birth that’s right for you! 

While you’re making your birth plans, don’t forget about scheduling some pictures! I’m a Houston-based photographer, and I absolutely love getting to be there to support families during this momentous time. I provide full-service photo sessions so you can have gorgeous pictures without the stress! If you’ve been thinking about booking some pictures to celebrate your little one, let’s chat so we can make it happen!

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