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Finding the perfect Houston pediatrician for your family can be daunting. Parents should take care in choosing a medical practice whose ideals fit their own personal preferences and beliefs. Each of these three Houston-based pediatric practices offers something unique to families, from small patient bases to 24/7 care through concierge services. These pediatric practices provide expert care to kids of all ages, supporting their families in a welcoming environment. 

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Find The Houston Pediatrician That Fits Best With Your Family

Rainbow Pediatrics of Houston

12822 Veterans Memorial Drive

Houston, TX 77014

The team at Rainbow Pediatrics of Houston are committed to providing the most compassionate, comprehensive pediatrician care to children in the Houston area. The medical team is dedicated to delivering the most up-to-date, expert care in a supportive, nurturing setting. This small practice enables healthcare providers to create lasting, long-term relationships with patients and their families. 

Services include treatment of illness and injuries, provide referrals for specialist care, provide up to date technology, including online scheduling, provide walk-in appointments and after-hours care, and administer routine immunizations. Well-child visits begin when a baby is 3-5 days old and continue through age 18. Preventative care through well-child visits enables families to keep their kids healthy and ensure that they are growing and developing properly. 

Concierge Pediatrics of Houston

550 Westcott Street

Suite 370

Houston, TX 77007

Concierge Pediatrics was founded with the goal of spending more quality time with patients, breaking away from the constraints of traditional medicine. The team at Concierge Pediatrics believes that office visits should be more than just 10 minutes and that strong relationships between healthcare providers and families are ideal. The practice’s unique model includes appointments that last about an hour, allowing more time for doctors to provide expert care while getting to know families. Physicians are available 24/7 through text, phone, and email. 

Conveniently located in the Memorial Park area of Houston, this pediatrician provides top-notch care to kids of all ages through personalized, patient-focused care. Families can access personalized medical care at any time of day, allowing them to experience ease when it comes to scheduling and contacting the pediatrician. Families purchase a membership (with sibling discounts available) in order to access around-the-clock medical care. 

Blue Fish Pediatrics

915 Gessner

Suite 525

Houston, TX 77024

Blue Fish Pediatrics provides timely, convenient services to patients and families through practical, anticipatory guidance and evidence-based health care. Patient exams are thorough but gentle, with lots of reassurance and encouragement along the way. All Houston Blue Fish pediatricians work with children in a supportive, welcoming environment. 

This practice was founded by Dr. Jung and Dr. Pielop, who were like-minded when it came to issues such as patient education and the judicious use of medications and testing. In 2005, Blue Fish Pediatrics began serving families in Houston. Services include treatment of illness and injuries, newborn visits, well-child checks, vaccinations, school forms, and medication. 

The office has a page on their website for parents to use when their child might need after-hours care. Information on a number of topics is available for parents to look through. Including vaccine reactions, illnesses, rashes, earaches, colds, and antibiotics. These informative articles help parents decide whether their little ones need to visit emergency care or urgent care. 

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Houston Pediatrician

These three Houston pediatricians provide expert care to patients as well as their families. Through a skilled team of healthcare professionals who are committed to helping children grow and thrive, families in the Houston area rest assured that their kids receive the best care. 

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