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Adorable baby sitting inside a metal tub wearing a mouse bonnet from Kid to Kid Houston

Babies have this weird little habit of growing up too quickly. It feels like you’re onto the next size before you can even finish swapping out the previous clothing cycle. And if they’re not outgrowing last week’s onesie, they’re getting too big for that amazing swing that kept them occupied for approximately two minutes total. Constantly upgrading baby gear can quickly get expensive. Plus, it’s not exactly sustainable. This is why secondhand shops for children’s items are a remarkable idea. Through these spots, you can upgrade as needed while getting cash for the items that didn’t last as long as you had hoped. If you’re in the midst of yet another nursery overhaul, I would love to tell you all about your new best friend, Kid to Kid Houston

About Kid to Kid Houston

Kid to Kid came to fruition over 30 years ago with the idea that “kids grow faster than paychecks.” Since the shop opened, they’ve expanded across the United States and even into other nations. With over 100 stores, they’ve figured out how to keep parents sane when it comes to upgrading baby items. 

The store is a sister company to Uptown Cheapskate and is committed to ensuring all items that come through are high-quality and safe. When you shop at their stores, you can be sure you’re getting items ready for their next life. 

The Houston location of Kid to Kid resides in the Atasca Oaks Shopping Center. Within this convenient location, you’ll find aisle after aisle of products perfect for your next stage in parenthood. 


Anything you could ever need for parenting, Kid to Kid has. The shop sells baby clothes, costumes, sports gear, seasonal items, maternity clothes, toys, baby gear, shoes, and more. Here’s how it works. When it’s time to upgrade your child’s things once again, you can take the old items and bring them into the shop. Kid to Kid will either offer you a store credit that you can use for the next round of items or cash that you can save for something else. 

You can find out what your store is looking for prior to your visit. Typically, the shop is searching for clean toys, stylish outfits, and safety gear. When you come in to shop, you can look around at the unlimited amazing items throughout. I’m positive that you’ll find exactly what your family needs by the end. 


One of the coolest things about Kid to Kid is their commitment to a better world. The shop prides itself on a sustainable model, taking items that would have ended up in a landfill and instead giving them a new home. They also work with countries around the world to build a brighter future. They sponsor schools and work with organizations such as buildOn to ensure every child has the education they deserve. 

Happy baby sitting inside a basket wearing a horse bonnet from Kid to Kid Houston

Kid to Kid Houston

Kid to Kid Houston is the best place when it comes to upgrading your child’s items. Not only can you find quality products at a fraction of the cost, but you can also be sure you’re helping your child’s future by creating a more sustainable planet! 

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