How Texas Children’s Pediatrics Can Best Care for Your Family!

Adorable toddler boy wearing a rain coat after going to Texas Children's Pediatrics.

When you become a parent, suddenly, your child’s health and happiness are paramount to anything else in life. But for as many answers as the internet may have, there is no substitution for having a trusted pediatrician as a partner in your child’s journey. The right pediatrician will offer guidance, support, and expertise as you navigate the challenges and joys of parenthood, working alongside you to determine what’s best for your baby. Here in Houston, Texas Children’s Pediatrics is a trusted practice with an experienced and accredited care team with a passion for caring for children. If you’re looking for a new pediatrician for your family, you should absolutely consider their practice, and here’s why! 

Every pediatrician and practice has its own unique approach and philosophy, and with so many options available, the process of selecting a pediatrician can be both exciting and overwhelming. After all, you’re not just finding a medical professional; you’re finding a partner who aligns with your values, respects your concerns, and supports your unique parenting journey. 

Little kid collecting leaves under the pouring while going to Texas Children's Pediatrics.

About Texas Children’s Pediatrics

As a network, Texas Children’s Pediatrics understands the importance of feeling totally comfortable with your child’s primary care physician. After all, they’re the ones who will be helping your child live a healthy life, grow big and strong, and care for them in times when they need more focused medical attention. Your child’s health is always their priority, and in their network of more than 250 board-certified, expert pediatricians, the right pediatrician is waiting for you.  

Texas Children’s Pediatrics works closely with families to maintain and address health problems as they arise so your child always has the attention and care they deserve. As a prospective family, you’re always welcome to take a private tour of the clinic and meet their pediatricians so you can feel reassured that this is the right practice for your family. 


Texas Children’s Pediatrics has a network of caregivers that offer a variety of services to their patients, whether they’re an infant or a teenager. Some of those services include well-child visits to ensure they are healthy and growing strong, care and treatment of minor injuries, sports and school physicals, health care and nutrition education, and of course, vaccinations and immunizations. 

When your child is sick, they are quick to see you for acute care, and should you need a question answered after hours, they have an on-call physician to handle urgent matters. 


The Texas Children’s network extends beyond their pediatrics clinics to the Texas Children’s Hospital, one of the best hospitals in the state, let alone the country. While, of course, you hope that your child will never need a hospital visit, God forbid they ever do, you’ll be grateful to have such an acclaimed institution right in your network. Ranked #1 in Texas by U.S. News & World Report, they became recognized for having one of the best teams available and offering the best care imaginable. All ten of their hospital specialties also ranked in the top 10. 

Beautiful little girl holding an umbrella while wearing a rain coat in front of Texas Children's Pediatrics in Houston.


Texas Children’s Pediatrics

You need a partner to trust with your child’s health and a network that can provide any care, services, or specialties they could possibly need. Texas Children’s Pediatrics could be that clinic for you and your family. 

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