5 Incredible Houston Midwives to Guide You Through Birth

Mom and newborn baby inside a bathtub just after a peaceful home birth assisted by midwives in Houston.

While pregnancy is a thrilling adventure, it can be more than a little stressful. You’re constantly hearing a stream of information from people who think they know best. But when it comes to your pregnancy, you should be the one with the final word. By finding a midwife who fits your style, you can make sure you have a fierce advocate every step of the way. If you’ve been looking for a prenatal provider, I’d love to tell you about the absolute best Houston midwives! 

Five Incredible Houston Midwives To Guide And Support Your Journey

Midwife In The Heights

Midwife in the Heights is a midwifery agency run by two experienced experts. Both Jackie Griggs and Diana Nash have spent years supporting families through pregnancy and labor. The midwives specialize in out-of-hospital births. They will ensure you have all the tools you need if you’re planning on a home birth. If you’d prefer a home-like environment without all the setup, the midwives will assist you at Bay Area Community Birth Center. 

Yellow Rose

Yellow Rose is a Houston midwifery group operated by two primary midwives as well as a team of student midwives. Ashly Kowalski and Megan Robinson are certified professional midwives who specialize in natural birth. On top of their birth services, they provide postpartum care and childbirth education. They also have a large network of birth doulas to complete your birth team. The midwives have recently purchased a freestanding birth center for your delivery. 

Midwives holding a blank Birth Certificate with baby footprints, right after a home birth in Houston.

The Birthing Place

The Birthing Place was started by the late midwife Afua Hassan and continues to carry on her legacy. Today, Midwife Kay works as the primary provider. Kay has been delivering babies since 2015 and is passionate about offering exceptional care to each family. You’ll also have access to a team of midwives who will work with you to plan every aspect of your home birth. 

Heart of Houston Midwives

Heart of Houston is here for you. No matter your birth preference. The midwifery team provides you with comprehensive packages that assist with everything from natural home births to medicated hospital births. Throughout your pregnancy, you’ll have regular appointments where all of your questions and concerns will be answered. The center provides additional services such as newborn a la carte care and women’s well-checks. 

Chris Duffy

Chris Duffy is a birth professional who specializes in home births. She has been practicing for over 40 years and has received a Doctor of Naturopathy degree. Additionally, she provides care from before conception and will be by your side throughout your entire delivery. She’s a specialist in natural supplements. Before you sign on, you’ll have a free 15-minute consultation to make sure she’s a great match for you. 

Mom, newborn baby and big sister right after a water birth assisted by midwives in Houston, Texas.

Houston Midwives

By finding the right midwife, you can make sure that you have an advocate through every step of pregnancy and delivery. Check out these Houston midwives today so you can have your ideal birth experience! 

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