Houston Art Classes For Kids To Engage In Educational Creativity

Beautiful long haired girl wearing a lace dress posing for one of the art classes in Houston for kids.

Houston has so much to offer, especially regarding activities for children! If you’re looking for something new to do with the kids this weekend or have a little one interested in art, here are a few Houston art classes for kids you may be interested in! 

3 Houston Art Classes for Kids to Nurture Creativity and Artistic Passion


Kid Create Studio

Located at 1223 W. 34th Street, Kidcreate Studio is a locally owned business curated by a mom-and-dad duo that wanted to bring children fun art experiences taught by enthusiastic teachers. Kidcreate Studio offers art kits, weekly classes, camps, workshops, homeschool classes, parent’s time off events, and private classes. They also host parties and a mobile studio! 

Their weekly art classes offer a consistent art program for parents, perfect for homeschooling families, preschool kids, and those with kiddos who want to expand their imagination and art education. Their weekly art classes are age-appropriate, with a curriculum that follows the National Core Art Standards. They ensure children learn the fundamentals of art, tailored to match their developmental needs. 

These classes also help build their confidence and teach problem-solving and social skills. These classes are the best for those that really want their children to have free reign over their creations! 

The Museum Of Fine Arts

The Museum Of Fine Arts resides at 1001 Bissonnet and offers several programs and classes for families and children. They offer at-home art-making classes with downloadable step-by-step instructions and how-to videos featuring artists and educators guiding you in fun art-making activities. 

The Museum Of Fine Arts also offers in-depth learning experiences for the entire family, including homeschool family workshops featuring curriculum-linked gallery experiences, The Glassell Junior School offering art instruction for children aged 3 to 18, and programs at Rienzi. Classes and workshops for children through the Glassell Junior School are offered year-round. They focus on course catalogs and curriculums, perfect for those who want a more structured art class!

Girl posing i a field of flowers for one of the Houston art classes for kids.


Cy-Fair Music And Arts

Cy-Fair Music And Arts offers art classes that feature elements of art, famous artists throughout history, still life, clay & pottery, drawing & painting, mixed media, cultural and ethnic art, western art/abstract art, 3-D art & sculpture, as well as cartoons & comics. 

Found at 7103 Glen Chase Ct., Cy-Fair Music And Arts bases its open enrollment classes on different techniques and styles. They offer their art classes for kids both online and in-person to help your child discover their passion and creativity. A few of their classes include Masterworks, Mixed Medias, Clay Creations, Canvas Kids, Kooky Cartooning, Building Blocks, and more! This is the perfect place to let your child explore and focus on what best interests them!

Houston Art Classes For Kids

Structured or free art classes can both be beneficial in developing your child’s creativity and passion for the arts. These fantastic Houston art classes for kids focus on nurturing their growth as artists and people, providing great educational fun! 

Despite the traffic, Houston offers a lot to families all over this city. It would be hard to find everything without a little help. So check out the blog links below for more Houston motherhood content! Then reach out today to chat about your next photo session!

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