Once Upon a Child Houston for Top-Rated Baby Clothing and Gear

Toddler girls cutely dressed playing with stuffed animals from from Once Upon a Child Houston.

Babies require a lot of gear. From the daily dozens of onesie changes to the soothing swings, there are an endless number of things that seem like an absolute necessity. But it can be hard at the beginning of parenthood to know exactly what your baby will need. One baby’s favorite wrap might be another baby’s nightmare. Plus, babies only need expensive pieces of gear for such a short season, leaving you with obsolete items that take up precious space. This is why secondhand shops are a parenting-must. If you’re trying to find or sell baby gear, I would love to tell you all about Once Upon a Child Houston. With a carefully curated selection of clothing and top-brand baby gear, this fantastic shop is a growing family’s dream. 

Adorable girl wearing a second hand ballerina outfit from Once Upon a Child Houston.

About Once Upon a Child Houston

Once Upon a Child started in 1984 in Ohio. The store quickly grew to be a staple for parents eager for an option that made baby gear a little more affordable. It soon became so popular it began to be franchised in 1992. Since then, it has become a favorite amongst millennial parents. It currently has over 350 locations across the United States and Canada. Every year, it buys and sells nearly 100 million items. And while the name carries a great reputation, each shop is independently owned and operated, giving you personalized service with passionate employees. The Willowbrook location is conveniently located right off Highway 249. With hundreds of new-to-you products, it’s about to become your new favorite shop!


Once Upon a Child is a store with a single goal: buy and sell the very best baby gear. The employees are selective with what they take, guaranteeing your gear is not only very gently used but also safe. You can find everything from changing tables and gliders to bassinets and high chairs. And if you’re feeling the toll of the constant sizing changes, you are going to positively adore their clothing selection. The shop has row after row of gorgeous and functional children’s clothes for all sizes and seasons. With Once Upon a Child, your baby’s wardrobe has everything you need, from the gorgeous dresses for the occasional event to the soft leggings for everyday life. 


Once Upon a Child is the perfect way to send your beloved clothes and baby gear off to a new home. Globally, over 20 billion pounds of clothing gets thrown away each year. The majority of that number coming from children’s clothing. Once Upon a Child gives you the opportunity to take your clothes and let them find a new child who will gladly rock those duds so that outfit generates far less waste in the long run.

Beautiful toddler jumping on a puddle wearing rain boots and a rain coat.

The Willowbrook shop sells every season of clothes all year long but will host events at the beginning of each season that focuses exclusively on selling pieces your child will love over the next few months. These events allow you to stock up and prepare long before that Texas summer starts to heat up. 


Once Upon a Child Houston

If you’re looking to buy or sell like-new baby gear and clothing, you are going to love Once Upon a Child in Houston. With a friendly staff and tons of options, you’ll find out why so many families have come to love this exceptional spot. 

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