Receive Stellar Musical Training for Kids at Vivaldi Music Academy!

Teenager girl playing the saxophone with sunflowers o the background right next to Vivaldi Music Academy in Houston, Texas.

In a fast-paced, technology-driven world where screens reign supreme, the importance of fostering our children’s creativity, discipline, and emotional expression through music cannot be overstated! Music education can be transformative for a young person, and here in Houston, there’s no better place to provide it than Vivaldi Music Academy

About the Vivaldi Music Academy

Critically acclaimed violinist Zeljko Pavlovic founded Vivaldi Music Academy. He believes first and foremost in the value of music education and created this school to provide young people with opportunities to engage with music. That said, this isn’t your average after-school music programming. At Vivaldi Music Academy, they have assembled the finest musicians to comprise their faculty. Their instructors include decorated recitalists and award-winning composers with degrees from institutions like Yale University and Boston Conservatory. 

The school has several locations throughout the greater Houston area in Bellaire, West University, Memorial, and Sugar Land. Each school features state-of-the-art facilities like spacious studio rooms with gorgeous top-of-the-line upright and baby grand pianos. Every room is enhanced with updated technology so students can make the most out of their lessons. Plus, parents will appreciate the professional lounge just for them. It has free Wi-Fi, kid’s toys, and magazines to pass the time during lessons productively.

Portrait of a teenager girl wearing a black dress, student at Vivaldi Music Academy in Houston.


Vivaldi Music Academy offers courses with a variety of instrumental focuses. Students can study strings like cello, violin, viola, and guitar. They also offer woodwind lessons for those who want to study flute and clarinet. Vivaldi Music Academy also teaches various courses in piano, drums, and voice. Each lesson is taught by one of their incredible instructors with a passion for helping children learn and introducing them to new goals and enrichment throughout their musical education. 

In addition to private lessons, Vivaldi Music Academy offers a Group Voice program. Moreover, younger kids can learn the skills needed to sing in an ensemble. Their exciting Vivaldi Rocks program brings young musicians together to jam in a group setting, exploring genres like pop, blues, and rock. They also have some great summer camp offerings once school is out, so your kid can continue learning and exploring music even in the summer! 

Parents with little ones will also love their early childhood music classes for an early introduction to everything there is to love about music!


One of the incredible benefits of learning with Vivaldi Music Academy is the opportunity to partake in some incredible performance opportunities and workshops. In addition to interacting with peers through ensemble lessons and performances, your students will get to showcase their new skills in recitals throughout the course of their learning. They can take advantage of masterclasses with visiting artists and faculty, broadening their horizons even further. 

In the past, select students have had unique opportunities to perform in specialty concerts, like Vivaldi Music Academy’s Carnegie Hall Debut, a concert at Vivaldi’s church in Venice, and the John F. Kennedy Center for Performing Arts. 


Brown haired girl dressed all in black holding a saxophone she plays at the music academy.


Vivaldi Music Academy

Vivaldi Music Academy will help your child learn music skills, gain self-confidence, and learn the importance of goal-setting and self-discipline. Plus, they’ll learn how to appreciate music from cultures and artists worldwide! Check out their amazing list of courses on their website and find the right one for your music enthusiast. 

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